Monday, January 30, 2012

Decisions, decisions...

I am having a hard time deciding which cowboy boots I should get. I'm stuck between two pairs...



Pros and Cons of the Boots

PRO (Brown):
I love the brown/tan colors on the boots.
I saw a picture of a girl wearing these boots with jean shorts and the boots looked so good with her tan skin. She was blonde and the whole look was so classic and natural. Very pretty!
I can wear these over or under jeans.

CONS (Brown):
I have a pair of Tall Chestnut Bailey Button Uggs and a pair of Tall Sand/Natural Sheepskin Cuff Uggs so I have plenty of brown boots.

PRO (Black):
Black is classic.
I don't have any black boots.
My hair dresser said this nicely... "you can wear 'bling' with the black boots, the brown boots will need more muted/natural jewelry"

CON (Black):
They have a 16" shaft so they are rather tall. I tried on a boot with an 18" shaft and I didn't like it. But I also think that standard shaft cowboy boots look funny on my long legs because the top of the boot stops at my calf. (Which isn't exactly slim.)
Since these boots have such a tall shaft, I will probably have to wear them over jeans most of the time. They would probably look funny underneath my jeans.



  1. Dearest! I have special ordered the Corral python black cross cutouts with extra bling. I vote you get those in brown!!

  2. First, I love both choices! However, I feel like the first pair are a bit more versatile! Hope you have a great weekend!


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