Thursday, January 26, 2012

My fur-child, Bonzai

I thought I would introduce you guys to my pup Bonzai. I tell people I got him in the "divorce". Haha... really what happened was my ex-boyfriend wanted him soooo bad but I knew he couldn't take care of him. Puppies are a handful! Anyways... he ended up getting the little white puppy and when the breeder brought him over he was wrapped in a WASH CLOTH. He was so TINY! Weened way too young. Well about 5 months later, me and the bf broke up AND I TOOK THE DOG! Duuuuh...

Bonzai has NUMEROUS nick names...

Dorito- He's a Mexican dog and I named him Bonzai so since my dad is so old fashion he thought that Dorito was more traditional

Poncho- Another "mexican traditional" dog name my father chose
Sparky- Another "traditional" dog name my father chose to call him
Shorty Pants- He's our smallest dog so my dad gave him this name, too
Spooky- Another form of Sparky but altered for the Halloween season
Shnookey Wookey- When he's being good we call him Shnookey, being bad we call him Wookey... when we don't know which is gonna come first we just call him Shnookey Wookey
Stinky Pinky- He's got a pink nose!
Bitey McBitester- Bonzai likes to bite fingers when he plays
Pooter Bear- This is one of his newest names for when he has "cute turned up really high"

Here are a few pics of Bonz being a handsome devil...

Bonzai's First Christmas
"mom, i look like a retard"

"hot towels are my favorite"

How freaking adorable is he!?

"hot clothes are my favorite, too"

"oh and hot sheets"

"mom... this is not funny. get me off this box now"


Look both ways, Bonz.

"mom... this really is not funny"

He may as well be human.

"does my margaritaville bandana make my head look big?"

"look... i'm even cute upside down!"

Ahhh... Love my baby boy. He's such and handsome little devil!!

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