Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random Wednesday... and Tyson's Birthday!

Here's a few random thoughts/photos...

His mom and I took him to lunch and embarrassed the heck out of him.
Balloons tied to his chair, sombrero on, Mexicans singing to him... we go all out!

How hilarious is this pic!?
I love my hairdresser... been going to her for 10 years!! Her daughter is a few years younger than me and we always do this silly stuff to each others hair.

Oh Pinterest... haha
I thought I would post my fave nail products. I love this Rimmel polish. It's only 4 bucks! They have really great colors and paired with "Oh So Wet" top coat my manicures are lasting almost 10 days!!

Hahaha... I found Scooby Doo!!

Yesterday I went to this adorable boutique in Rogers, AK to try on a bridesmaids dress for Mallory's wedding. This place was ADORABLE!! Isn't their logo so cute!?

I thought today's outfit deserved some recognition. I love my furry Ugg's Tyson bought me for Christmas although I don't have a lot that matches them. I found this cute beige sweater at TJ Maxx for $20. Couldn't pass it up!

My First Pinterest Craft!

Medium Sized Vase ($5 at TJ Maxx)
Candle in glass jar (about two inches smaller than vase, but same height) ($4 at TJ Maxx)
A few bags of candy conversation hearts (I used two bags, $1 a piece)
Hot Glue

1. Glue on Ribbon and Bow
2. Put candle in vase
3. Fill the space with candy hearts!

This was so easy you must do it!

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  1. omg i love that outfit u put together!!

    i must also try that cute valentine DIY decor!!
    thanks for sharing.

    have a great day girlie!! :)


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