Friday, June 22, 2012

Confessional Friday

Ello matey's!
(that was my British accent)

It's Confessional Friday!
(that's my normal Mid-West accent)
Here we go!

1. I confess that I have worked my arse off to throw Mallory an awesome bachelorette party. I channeled my inner party-planner and my Pinterest is blowing up with awesome party stuff. I hope it turns out something like this:
and this...
(We love Pink Lou Lou)

2. I am a coffee brat. I drink my coffee out of a Tiffany's coffee cup every day. (Same one each day of course.) Yesterday at Target I found this adorable star-shaped ice cube tray and thought it would be perfect for my frozen coffee iced cubs. I like pretty coffee.
(And I shall add that while I was sitting here at my desk playing on the internet machine, I flipped my straw out of my coffee cup and made a huge mess. Can't keep anything nice around here!)

3. I am a water brat, too. Sara and I discussed this a few days ago. I drink Dasani and Smart Water. And Evian if the convenience store doesn't have either of those. My fridge is FULL of Dasani. Yum!

Now I gotta get off here! I have to go bake a penis cake!


  1. Yay for penis cakes! Have fun doing the Bachie fun! Thanks for linking up, my dear!

  2. Oh dearie! I have our water for the partay! Maybe I should put our names on! Hmm

  3. Hey girl hey! Visiting from Confessional Friday!

    Your bachelorette party ideas are too fun! I've made my share of penis cakes, they always make me giggle... immature much?! ;)

    And I saw those cute ice cube trays, but I never thought about doing coffee cubes - genius!!

    Happy Friday, girl!

    [Life of Meg]


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