Friday, June 1, 2012

Confessional Friday

I confess... I put almost every kitchen utensil and plate in the dishwasher last night. I had a small load so I topped her off with "clean" dishes. We go out of town a lot so when I get back, my OCD comes out and I need everything to be clean.

I confess... last night Ty and I went to Petland to buy some new fish-heads for the fish tank. This is a big deal. I have an issue with pet stores that sell puppies. My family has a big heart for dogs, we used to rescue dogs and we even took overflow from the local shelter when they needed help. So when I see puppies in cages for sale, I get upset. I am an advocate for pup adoption. There are a lot of dogs that need homes that are FREE!

I confess... I haven't been running in the morning. Crap. I have to get back in to that!

I confess... that I am a little sad that it is already June. Time is just flying and it needs to slooooooow doooooown. I guess I am also excited it is June. Mallory's bachelorette party is in 22 days!

I confess... yesterday I had my watch on upside-down for about 4 hours. This makes total sense if you know me because I can't tell time. I mean I can do it if I really need to, but I legitimately have to stare at the clock, count the dashes for the hours and minutes. It usually takes me about 30 seconds to figure out what time it is.

I confess... I have a celeb crush oh Josh Elliott from Good Morning America. Hottay!!! Plus he is like 6'4" which makes him even hotter, in my opinion!

That is all for my confessions! Have a great weekend everyone!!

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