Saturday, June 2, 2012

Help! I'm having a hair-mergency!

I need serious hair-help. I have these annoying little breaks in my hair about a centimeter from the ends.

Exhibit A:
(See the little white dots? That's where the hair is broken.)

Exhibit B:

Please, someone tell me that you have this problem, also. I can't be the only one who suffers from hair-suicide. Yes, I know my hair is bleached but I swear, other than that, I treat it like gold. The biggest problem is that I am OCD about it, and when I see those little breaks, I go ahead and snap them off. Yeah. Free hair cut!

So here is my hair army... I thought I had good products but I must be wrong because they aren't keeping up with this annoying breakage.

On shower days, I hop in, give my hair a good shampoo with Joico Body Luxe, Head and Shoulders 2-in-1, or my Shimmer Lights purple shampoo. Then I condition it like there is no tomorrow. I use Fekkai Technician Color Care, Matrix Amplify Volumizing Conditioner, Matrix Sleek Look Extra Intense and Dove Therapy Intense Damage Repair. I usually leave my conditioner on for 15 minutes clipped up off my back.

When I get out of the shower, I towel dry then spritz my Ion leave-in conditioner. Then I use this crap:
I use two pumps and slather it on my ends.
Then I clip my hair up and do my makeup.
After about 20 minutes I let my hair down, and CAREFULLY comb it out.
Then I slather this crap on my ends.
Then I let my hair air dry. I can usually stand it until it is almost-nearly dry then I blast it with the blow dryer for a few minutes.
Then I spray on this crap:
Then I style my hair. Either section it off and straighten it with my Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1 3/4" Straigtener or I curl the ends with my Jilbere Porcelain Curling Iron. I rarely tease my hair. Maybe once a month?

On non shower days, I don't add any products or use any styling tools. Sometimes, on a good day, I will use a little hair spray, but usually I look like I'm heading to the gym... all day long.

At night before bed, I put this crap on my ends then put my hair in my beloved scrunchie and hit the sack.

So where did I go wrong? Obviously the bleach has damaged my hair, but lets face the facts, I look awful with dark hair so I will never go natural. So how do I conquer these nasty ends? Anyone!? Please help!!


  1. Hi There!! Came across your post while googling about these frustrating "white dots/split ends" that have popped up in my hair recently! :/ Did you ever find out what they were or find a way to get rid of them?? Would love to hear any insight!! thanks love :)
    xo Wendy

    1. Hi Wendy! Unfortunately, I have not found the cause of these little breaks at the end of my hair. I thought at first that it was my straightener so I stopped using it. Now I am thinking it is either my blow dryer or my hair brush. I am currently shopping for a new blow dryer (mine is kind of a cheapy) so hopefully that will cure me!

      Thanks for reading!


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