Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Drunk Gummies Recipe

The bachelorette party has come and gone and now I can show all you lovelies my recipe for Drunken Gummy Bears. Do you like to get drunk? Do you like gummy bears? Perfect. You must make these ASAP.

What You Will Need
Gummy Bears (I buy mine at Sam's Club... $5.98 for 6lbs)
Shoe Box Tub (Wal-Mart carries these for about $1.00)
A lot of Vodka... I'm talking like at least two fifths (I used Skyy)
Watermelon Pucker (Two Liters)
A Stirring Utensil
Disposable Shot Glasses with Lids (Optional)

Step 1: Dump your bag of gummy bears into the plastic tub.
Step 2: Dump in one of the bottles of vodka and one bottle of Watermelon Pucker.
Step 3: Stir it up.
Step 4: Dance around the house because you are so excited to be making drunken gummies.
Step 5: Stop dancing and put the lid on the tub and put it in your refrigerator.
Step 6: Stir every day at least twice for three days. Your gummies should be a little tipsy by now and be soaking up all that delicious goodness.
Step 7: On about day four, pour in the rest of the vodka and Pucker.
(Don't lie... you have already tasted a few of your gummy friends and they were a little hard in the middle. This means they are not done.)
Step 8: Wrestle down a few gummies and taste them. They should begin to taste delicious.
Step 9: After about seven days, they should be soft, slippery, yummy, and drunk. Now they are done.
Step 10: Put about eight gummies in each shot glass. You are probably going to need some sort of a gummy-bear-catching-device because they are very slippery and run away from your fingers.
Step 11: Nom on your drunken gummies.
Step 12: Don't forget to share them with your friends!

I used about 5lbs of the 6lb bag because I might have eaten a few before I got them drunk. 5lbs of drunk gummy bears makes about 100 shots.

A word of advice... keep the gummies in a cool environment. They are kinda big sissies when it comes to extremely hot temperatures and they will melt and turn in to gummy-bear-booze-nastiness. I kept mine in a cooler on ice for the party. It worked brilliantly.


  1. drunk gummies?? seriously?? aren't they so much easier to make than jello shots!

    1. Yes! Way easier! Jello shots require cooking like boiling water and measuring stuff and I'm no good at that.

  2. OMG! i can't wait to try this!!!! it looks soooo goooooooddddd!!!

  3. Ugh these look amazing! I would never have the patience for this though. Seven whole days!??

    1. Yeah at least seven days. Takes a week for the liquor to soak all the way in. If you don't let them soak, they will have this weird hardish center. (Ew!) BUT I made all those shots and had a few that I couldn't pack in the cooler so I put them in to a jar and stuck them in the fridge. I took them to a party about 4 months later (lol at me forgetting they were in the fridge) and they were still good!


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