Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY Invitations

I love paper.

Stationary. Notepads. Journals.

Love them all.

So when it comes time for a big event that requires an invitation, I make them myself.
I want to give you my tips for making invitations at home.
1. Buy. Nice. Paper. Seriously. Don't get crappy stuff. Quality paper makes such a great statement. I buy mine from the Paper-Source.
2. Don't be afraid of color. It's an invitation. You want people to be excited and want to come. This is like the "first impression" of the event.
3. Layer!! Get two different sizes when using flat cards to give the invitation a frame.
4. When creating the text for your invitation, make sure you spell check and have someone proof read! Grammar or spelling mistakes are a big no-no on invitations.
5. When you print on your invitations do a few test runs on plain printer paper.
6. Use different textures. Add a rhinestone somewhere or use a stamp for added detail.
7. Do not use a printer that feeds from a lower tray. Use a topfeed.
8. Cut a piece of plain printer paper to the size of your invitation and draw an arrow on it pointing in the direction you place it in the printer. Write "top", "bottom", "left", and "right" so you can see how your printer feeds paper.
9. Print the text on your envelopes, too! When you do this, tuck the flap in to the envelope. If you do not do this, your printer will pull on the envelope and result in crooked text.

Now you have to throw a party so you can make awesome invitations! Have fun!


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