Friday, July 27, 2012

Confessional Friday: {Link Up with A Blonde Ambition}

Wowzas. It's been a week... and a busy one at that. We have been deep cleaning and organizing the shop in preparation for our new CNC machine. We had to dig a huge 2 foot deep hole in the foundation in order to pour a deeper, stronger foundation for the new machine. Ty and Tim rented a cement saw and a mini-excavator and went to town while I put together shelving and organized shop supplies in bins. We got a lot done this week!

Okay, enough with smelly, dirty, boy stuff...

On to the Confessions.

1. I have OCD. Organizing is my thang so spending the whole week separating things in to different bins is kinda fun for me.

2. I want these boots:
and these boots...

I don't have any riding boots and I found these two beauties on Top pair is $160, bottom pair is $110. I just don't know which ones I like better. Errrr!

3. I ordered some goodies from Not like I need any more makeup or brushes or anything but that stuff is so cheap it is hard to stop myself! I have been playing with different looks for a while now and Elf cosmetics are a great way to start a mini makeup collection.

4. I collect Coke points. You know the little codes on the lids of Coke products? Yup. I collect those and have been collecting them for over two years now. I have thousands of points and even scored myself a coupon for $50 off at to get my new tennie-runners. Good thing Ty drinks Coke like it's going out of style!!

5. I'm holding out for the new iPhone to release. My iPhone 4 is about to shoot craps. I've had her for two years and my circle button works when it wants to which can really piss a girl off.

Dear iPhone 5 or New iPhone or whatever you are going to be called,

Please hurry the eff up, and release yourself.
I need one of you.


6. I'm effing hungry and it's lunch time so I am done confessing and I'm going to go stuff my face now.

Adios mis bloggas favoritas!

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