Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shopping Tip!

Here's the deal.

I have OCD.

That's pretty clear.

I also have a fear of my stuff getting stolen.

Makes me crazy.
Had a bad experience. When your purse gets stolen, it's traumatic.

So here's the deal. When I go to the store (Target/TJ Maxx/Sam's Club) I basically strap my purse in to my cart like I would a small child. I mean, the contents of a ladies purse are:

1. Private
2. Valuable

Otherwise, we wouldn't haul that crap around with us EVERYWHERE.

So think about this scenario...

There I am, shopping the clearance aisle at TJ Maxx, in an intense thought process about how I can re-purpose a busted picture frame or how I can incorporate this $5.00 vase in to my office and then...


Someone tries to grab my purse!!

Well guess what happens?

They look like IDIOTS when my purse doesn't let go! That strap is holding my baby in place!


That didn't pan out for ya now, did it!?

So that's my tip. Strap that bad boy down. It takes two seconds.

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