Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY: How To Blow the Door Off Your Microwave


Well... I didn't really blow the door off my microwave, but I blasted that bad boy wide open in mid-cook.

I decided yesterday I was going to do some deep cleaning... organize the garage, clean the oven, and clean the microwave.

I had the organizing part down pat but I needed some help with the oven and microwave.

First the oven:
Mix baking soda and water in to a paste and slather it on the oven glass. Leave for 20 minutes. Wipe clean.
Easy peasy.

Next, the microwave:
Mix one cup vinegar and one cup water in glass measuring dish and place in microwave for 10 minutes.
Easy again, right?
no, no, no

Our microwave is very powerful. It's like the Maserati of microwaves. Knowing this, I only put my concoction in for five minutes.

After five minutes, I busted out my wet rag and started wiping.
Nothing happened.
K... I didn't leave it in long enough.
No prob.
Another five minutes should do.

So I press start and head upstairs to use the facilities.
Then I hear...



I run downstairs and the microwave door is wide open and it the smell of vinegar has infiltrated the entire room.

So here's the scene...
(Microwave is above the stove)
Oven door is wide open with my baking soda concoction doing it's magic...
All of my glass and metal baking dishes are sitting on top of the stove...
Microwave door is wide open...
Measuring cup in the microwave has about a half-cup of liquid inside...
And there is vinegar water EVERYWHERE!
In my dishes, pans, on the stove, in the oven, on the counter tops, on the floor... hell it was probably on the ceiling and I just forgot to look.

I call Tyson and say:
"Hey, I just blew the door off the microwave."

He hung up on me and was in the kitchen in about 5 seconds.
Oh and he was in a meeting so he brought Matt, our tool guy in to see the destruction.

Let's just say he was relieved to see the door was still attached to the microwave.

So here I am thinking...
"Only me. Only I can blow the door off a microwave."


This happens to other people, too.

Then Matt tells me...
"My friend's fiance put a package of meat wrapped in aluminum foil in the microwave and blew a hole in it the size of a grapefruit."
Wish I could have seen that!

So beware... what looks so easy basically turned in to a bigger mess than I had before.
Oh and the crap in the microwave didn't come off.
But the oven glass cleaning concoction did work pretty well. I give it an 8.

Happy Thursday, Lovelies.


  1. Oh man, that's quite the story! And a much bigger mess to clean up later--I would hate that! The only microwave disaster I've had was when I was babysitting my little siblings when I was about twelve and one of them decided to put a mini-muffin in the microwave and turn it on for like 13 minute in order to use the microwave as a timer while they were doing something. I was not aware of this timer usage but the house ended up getting pretty much filled with smoke and we basically had a charred mini-muffin on our hands. Scary for one of your first times babysitting! :P I got better at it after that...

    1. Lol I can just see that mini-muffin now!! Charred and blackened until it isn't even recognizable. I think we all have at least 1 microwave story in our lives!!! Thanks for reading!

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  3. Just ran across this while researching my mother-in-law's explosion this morning. Her new powerful microwave blew the door off...I mean it was found on the opposite side of the kitchen laying on the floor...blown off. She put a glass of straight vinegar in for a few minutes and fortunately left the room...kaPOW!!!!! as Tristan put it. Scary stuff.


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