Thursday, July 12, 2012

Target Haul/Rant

I say this to Tyson all the time. He believes it!

So today I needed some last minute items before we leave tomorrow for Mallory and Seth's wedding.
-Nail Polish Base Coat
-Nail Polish Brush
-Just For Men (haha)
easy right?

Oh and before I walked in the door I knew I needed to get a Grande Iced Green Tea with a splash of Raspberry syrup from Starbuck's to help me find these four items.
(Delicious, healthy-ish, awesome summer drink... $2.10!)

So off we go! First I hit the Dollar Rack... you know that amazing little section right when you walk in the door?
I got two of these suckers:
and two of these guys:
but mine is four sections... so it's awesomer

Then I got this cute lil nugget:
Who doesn't need a hot pink piggy bank?

I got one of these:
But mine only has four shelves and it's grey.
So it's not really like this one at all.

Oh and I got 3 rolls of wrapping paper that are just adorable.

'Cept the shelf, that was two-fitty.

Then I accidentally found myself in the Women's Accessory section.
That was on the list, right?
All I remember was seeing a red CLEARANCE sign and the rest is history.
I got:

Cute Ass Clutch
Xhilaration® Natural Croco Facile Crossbody
Perfect for lugging all of mine and Mallory's crap around on her wedding day.
I got this baby for $11.88

Scarf/Bikini Cover Up
Converse One Star Kristine Tye-Dye Scarf - Pink
$14.99 NO how about $7.48

Layin' Out Hat
 Mossimo Supply Co. Tan Shine Floppy Hat
$14.99 wrongo I got her for $10.48

Now it's time to get the stuff on my list, right?

So there I am, wandering through Tarjay trying to stay focused and I cross this nice old ladies' path...
and she tells me...
and I reply
and she says
"I just love those hair-pieces. They are soooo fun!!!"
Me being... well... me... says
"Oh this isn't a hair piece, this is my real hair!!"
Jeezus. That is just an insult.
She sayin' I ain't got enough hair to rock this toddler hair-do!?


Finally made it to the Personal Care section
Got some Just For Men
Tyson has like 15 grey hairs.

Then I got this stuff:
Does anyone use this stuff? I found out about it from Megan @ Ciao Bella XO
Her teeth are really white so I hope it works for me, too.
Had a coupon so I got the big bottle for $4.13. Wahoo!

So after watching my Chinese nail lady do my "white-tip" mani/pedi a million times, I think I can do my own nails. They do the base coat, then slop some white polish on the tip of my nail, then they dip a little paint brush in some remover and clean it up. Then the top coat of course.

it was a dillar.
 Oh and I needed some concealer.
Elf again.
Another dillar.

Finally, I got the last thing on my list:
Base coat
My nails chip like crazy. Pizzes me off. Hopefully this helps.

So I was technically done.
One last thing.
I'm making this "Wedding Survival Kit" for Mal's wedding and I heard that chalk helps cover any little stains that might appear on her wedding dress.
So I gotta find some chalk.
Back to School section... NONE
Art Section...
looking for Crayola brand Chalk.
no Crayola brand chalk.
only RoseArt.
I will be 25 years old next month and I STILL don't like RoseArt brand school/art supplies.
I didn't like them when I was 7.
Don't like them now.
So I got some effin' RoseArt chalk.
mother f*ckers

So what would have been a simple Target run turned in to a pretty badass shopping spree. I might have been in there for 2 hours... or more.


  1. i HATE roseart too, there just so LAME?

    LOVE LOVE that floppy hate so cute! i have been on a mission all summer for one!!

    love love ur blog!!

    stop by mine if u want!

    1. Thanks for reading!! I'm pretty stoked to wear that floppy hat! I'll definitely stop by your blog soon! Have a great week!!

  2. This is awesome! So something someone would say to me in Target. Like one time a man asked me if I had the same skin disease as his son because of my blotchy mystic tan. Real life story.

    Found you through Amy above! Love your blog and newest follower!

    1. OMG that would be really awkward! I'm sure you handled it well... I would probably start laughing. Thank you for following! I love your blog!!!

  3. Thank god I found your blog (thanks to Tales of a Small Town Girl)
    You are like soul mate. :)


    1. Haha I'm glad someone out there can relate to my madness!! Thanks for reading!

  4. HA HA! Target gets me everrrrry time! And when I go with my husband? We always end up in the toy section. We MUST stop and look at those stupid hot wheels. I just don't get it, ha ha.
    That elf concealer is only a buck? I NEED that next time I go! I'm seriously so excited... ha ha!
    And I'm pretty sure that the dollar section of Target is the BEST! Always full of amazing little finds that you can't NOT buy.

    1. I know that dollar section gets me every time! I always kick myself when I DON'T walk out with something! Thanks for reading!!


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